The Geranium Girls

Signature Editions, 2002

A letter carrier named Beryl Kyte, out for a walk on a beautiful spring morning, trips over a body in the woods of a park near her home. The dead woman has mushrooms sprouting in her mouth. A badly shaken Beryl is questioned and escorted home by the police. Soon another body turns up and then another. As she follows the horrific details in the Winnipeg Free Press Beryl thinks she sees a pattern emerging. She hadn’t been of much help to the police in the case of the first dead woman – she’d only tripped over the body – but when strange events begin happening around her own home, she wishes they, especially Frank Foote, the cop from her neighbourhood, could be of some help to her.

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…a solid, well-plotted mystery – the clues…good enough for Poe – with a lively setting and interesting characters.”

– Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail


…an intriguing cast of characters, a convincingly evil serial killer and some really strong dialogue. It’s fresh and original. Preston manages to disturb the reader, but she also makes you laugh. Some of the dialogue…is hilarious.”

– Amy Steele, Straight


Preston can be gruesome and sexy and light-hearted by turns,… …the pace is quickened by…authentic dialogue. …a concise and appealing page-turner.”

– Dave Williamson, Prairie Fire Review of Books


Preston makes Beryl’s workaday world come to vivid life. Her dialogue is smart and genuine, her prose has real snap, and she peppers the book with local detail that awakens our eyes to the quiet beauties of our city.”

– Uptown Magazine