Sunny Dreams

Sunny Dreams by Alison Preston

Signature Editions, 2007

Shortlisted for the Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher


On a spring morning in 1925 Sunny Palmer is kidnapped in broad daylight from her baby carriage in Picardy’s restaurant in downtown Winnipeg. Despite a police dragnet and a handsome reward offer, months pass with no word, and eventually the search is called off. But eleven years later, the appearance of two drifters suddenly reopens the case.

The story takes place in the Norwood Flats section of Winnipeg, the same setting as Preston’s previous novels. This time, though, the action takes place mostly in the Depression year 1936, and we meet the grandfather and father of Frank Foote, the detective who has played a pivotal role in Preston’s previous books.

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Preston’s forte is the homely drama, and Sunny Dreams is perfect. She is a dab hand with setting, and her Norwood Flats neighbourhood, full of engaging characters and lots of secrets, is very well done.”

– Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail


…a rare treat. Preston manages to find the perfect balance in this novel: she gives us enough detail for the reader to picture the setting, yet she doesn’t overwhelm us with it. Straight-forward yet interesting, Sunny Dreams is an enjoyable and provocative read.” 

– Kathleen Gallagher, The Uniter